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Despite the billions spent on International Aid and the tremendous progress it has achieved, poverty continues to blight the lives of one in three people across the planet.

Sadly barely half of aid reaches people in poverty on the ground due to losses to theft, corruption, poor project design, excessive administration and tying of aid to political and commercial interests.

We have to demand an END to aid injustices, to bring international aid to the top of the political agenda and turn the tide against poverty.

The Real Aid Campaign is calling on all governments to transform the international aid system – the MM Aid Model is a roadmap to make it happen:

  1. Match our Inputs – Match private donations made to charity appeals from existing government aid budgets.
  2. Clean up Aid – Reduce; corruption, fraud, waste and high administration. Untie aid from donor priorities.
  3. Accountable Outputs – Deliver aid to the projects that have a track record of success.
  4. Responsible Countries & Companies – Businesses should pay 1% of their profits to international aid.

The MM Model policy ideas have already been adopted and adapted by the UK, generating over £200m and impacting on over 100 million lives. Adopted globally the MM Model has the potential to raise $100bn of Real Aid annually.

Pledge to sign the Real Aid Letter, invite your friends, celebrities and companies to join, be part of creating the largest global pledge ever! We can send a signal to global policy makers poverty is unacceptable

There is enough money and solutions to go round.

Together we can create Real Aid!

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